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NEW! Fire/Water Fountains, Water Fountains and Fireplaces

DreamFountains.com represents the best of BluWorld of Water® and Water Wonder®  Check out the Specials.

  Our fountains bring a tranquil, calming, relaxing sleep and lighted decorative place to your home with a natural elegant created look.                                                         Look to the Right for Savings on Specials!  Check our blogs! 

At DreamFountains.com, we offer various types of water fountains, fireplaces made with premium quality materials. Our business assures the greatest service and gives a spiritual calming approach to satisfying our customers. Our fountains promote a healthier environment by providing high amounts of negative ions as water flows. Help your family breath better with our filtered fountains by removing germs from the air.

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Save $80.00 to $160.00 on Shipping and Handling- Shipping
Our Indoor Water Fountains are Easy to Install

We invite you to experience exquisite engineering of fountain designs in our Gallery.

           Table Top                                             Serrano Fountains
           Copper Falls Water Trellis                      Contempo Falls
           Grande Series                                            Bellezza Series
           Water Garden                                             Noioqui Falls
           Spirit Falls                                                   Waikiki Beach
           Sycamore Springs                                     Gardenfall Botanica
           Gardenfall Metaline                                   Copper Falls Water Trellis
           Contempo Falls                                          Grande Series

                       Size Matters                                   Light-Weight 

The Home is where you relax with endless delights of tranquil cascading water from our specially designed water fountains and fireplaces, while providing a soothing environment for your family. Our fountains and fireplaces do just that with the picturesque areas of relished beautiful moments which ensures relaxation. The best of all worlds would be having a Wall Mount Fountain in the bedroom, humidifying, ironizing and cleansing the air. When people obtain a good night's sleep, their mental moods are boost, body's energy is increased and anxiety is lowered.

Our Indoor Water Fountains bring a tranquil positive happiness, ensuring moods of spiritual meditating serenity. The best night's sleep ever is hearing water from a wall fountain trickling down slate and running over stones. Most of our water fountains have gorgeous colored lighting, which brings a romantic mood with a stress-free accent.

Our site offers a larger variety over other sites, from Tabletop Fountains to Large Commercial Fountains used in doctor offices, banks, law firms, and real estate offices. These are places, where people want to feel calm and relaxed. According to researchers water falling calms nerves and could avoid disease by breathing better air. Some research has shown breathing in negative ions helps improve mood, increases concentration and fortifies the immune system.

Your pleasures are our delights!

Bring Outdoor Water Fountains to your Garden Yards

Fireplaces and Fountains with Fire & Water

Nu-Flame Fireplace truly is the newest form of fire with a vent free bio-flame providing a clean environment. Enjoying warmth and decorative beauty of a fireplace in your home is combining the best of modern design, technology and ecology.  Available are an impressive selection of wall mounted, freestanding and tabletop models to enhance any setting.

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  • "Upon delivery of your fountain, an information packet will be provided for mounting and keeping your fountains clean and operational"                                                                                        
  • ECA -Envision Cleaner Air, while moisturizing the room for better breathing."

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Immerse yourself in a spirtual calming atmospheric healing room with our Beautiful Lighted Water Fountains.

A spiritual word: "For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty"


    Buy NOW and Save!

    Save $80.00 to $160.00 on Shipping and Handling- Shipping

    So place your order and experience delightful charming echoes of atmospheric caramelized waterfalls trickling down to rustic flickering stones. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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